This is our Community.

We wouldn't allow Big Tobacco to change our laws.

Why would we let Big Cannabis drive local policy?


The cannabis initiatives written by and for SPARC corporation and Otter Brands, LLC are not right for Sausalito. They are designed to evade City processes, regulation and oversight.

This November vote No2Both. The two cannabis retail and cultivation initiatives are crafted for personal interests and profit, not for community benefit and well-being.


Current city regulations allow for cannabis delivery. No storefronts. No warehouses for cultivation and processing. This policy was made possible by Sausalito elected officials and supported by public hearings and input. Any changes to our local laws deserve the same thoughtful, transparent and diligent process. 

No other city or town in Marin permits recreational cannabis storefronts. There are serious public health concerns that the industry does not address in their measures that they placed on our ballot this November. Let the residents and town officials create a balanced policy. This was the path we were on before Otter Brands abandoned the process and decided to write their own "business plan by ballot". 

Cannabis Retail at the Base of 3 Schools?


Both SPARC and Otter Brands profit by selling cannabis products that are designed to attract youth. Take a look at Berner’s (aka Cookies) and Sparc’s websites which clearly show the marketing of flavored cannabis products with colorful packaging, branded hoodies, skateboard decks, "smell proof" backpacks and other apparel and accessories targeting buyers well below the age of 21. 

Otter Brands submitted their proposal for 3000 Bridgeway which is not 1000 feet from schools as the business has claimed.

Additionally, SPARC rewrites the State definition of buffer zones in their ordinance to by-pass the recommended distance from schools and other youth-centers locations. 

Otter Brands Location Request.jpg

Once the City releases local control, there's no going back.  

Is Sausalito the next Santa Rosa?


Nothing can change a cannabis license secured through a ballot measure, except for another ballot initiative in the next election to modify or reverse it (which is unlikely to happen). Once the door is cracked open for Big Cannabis in Marin, the industry has deep pockets and extraordinary legal power to steamroll Sausalito's local regulation promised in Prop 64


Just look at Santa Rosa. A quick Google search on "Santa Rosa cannabis retail" will return a map result that tells the story. SPARC was one of the first retail storefronts in Santa Rosa. There is currently an application for a Cookies retail store, with direct connections to Otter Brands. Santa Rosa is bracing for an ADDITIONAL 12 retail sites that are approved or are pending approval.


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